Adin is an accomplished iOS software engineer with over five years of professional experience. Throughout his career, he has worked on diverse projects spanning fintech, IoT, social networking apps, and medical applications, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in different domains.

Outside of his professional commitments, Adin actively engages with the expansive Swift community and has been recognized for his expertise. He was invited to speak at Try Swift New York in 2020 and delivered a talk at iOS dev UK in 2022, demonstrating his ability to effectively communicate and share insights with fellow developers.

Adin’s passion for contributing to the open-source community is commendable. He has made significant contributions to notable projects such as the popular podcast app “Pocketcasts” and the Swift learning app “Unwrap,” among others. His dedication to advancing the developer community and fostering collaborative growth is evident through his active involvement.

Presently, Adin holds the position of iOS platform engineer at Virgin Pulse. In this role, he focuses on enhancing the developer experience for his team. Adin’s responsibilities include improving build time, modularizing the extensive iOS codebase, and implementing various optimizations. By doing so, he ensures that the engineering team at Virgin Pulse can work efficiently and deliver high-quality iOS applications.

In summary, Adin is an accomplished iOS software engineer who possesses a strong passion for knowledge-sharing, open-source contributions, and process improvements. His extensive experience, coupled with his dedication to the development community, sets him apart as a valuable asset in the field.

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Twitter: @adincebic